Leaving the Screen
Clint Beharry

Class 4

Video 1 - House of Cards
File: clintVideoExample.zip

Using the R + G + B / 3 brightness calculation, the value is mapped to the Z position for each pixel. This causes an effect similar to Radiohead's House of Cards video, with dots in 3D black space approximating the video.

Video 2 - Swirling Videos
File: clintVideoExampleSm.zip

Toggling various rotation functions, the video grid is rotating across its rows and columns creating 3D swirls.

Assignment 3

Drawing - Rainbow Sculpt
File: drawSystem.zip

Similar to sculpting a clay pot, a 2D line is rotated in 3D to create a 3D figure. To further show the 3D process, the figure is made up of a rainbow spectrum wireframe that can rotate along the Y axis. The camera can also be controlled freely with the mouse.

Image Synthesis 1
File: imageSynth.zip

Fooling around with tan and sin functions.

Image Synthesis 2
File: imageSynth2.zip

More fooling with tan functions.

Image Processing - Pin Map
File: imageProc5.zip

Reading each pixel's brightness on a greyscale map 2D image, lines of corresponding length are extruded from each pixel into 3D. This creates a 3D map of "pins" from the 2D image.

Assignment 2

Nested For Loops - Ocean Waves
File: nestedLoop.zip

Two nested for loops, with a sin fluctuation on the Z axis. The Z axis pulse is offset along the X and Y positioning to create a ripple effect, and the "higher" the wave is the lighter the blue (including white to show the crest of the wave).

Array Animation 01 - Snowflakes
File: arrayAnim1.zip

The snowflakes work on a simple array system to create many permutations of symmetrical structures. They are randomly generated on each mouse click, then drift down along the Z axis.

Array Animation 02 - Jellyfish
File: grid1.zip

The jellyfish is created with 3 for loops, one for each axis. The X and Y create an array for tentacle placement, and the Z stacks up concentric circles that sin fluctuate to create the tentacle expansion/contraction.

Load Media
File: loadMedia.zip

Simple examples of loading a font, image, sound, and video.

Assignment 1

Write Your Name
File: myName.zip

The background RGB values are given random values between 0-255, and the letters are given the RGB complement (255 - R, 255 - G, 255 - B). There is a gradual color shift while both background and letters remain complementary.

Animation 01
File: anim01.zip

Two nested for loops create a grid of squares. The squares then rotate on the X axis at gradual offsets to create a flowing wave pattern.

Animation 02
File: anim03.zip

Three squares have the same position and size. One rotates on the X axis, another rotates on the Y axis, and the third on the Z axis. On mouseclick the squares gradually shift from a low Z value to high, creating a zoom effect.

Animation 03
File: anim04.zip

A cube is designed with 6 squares rotated 90 degrees from one another along corresponding axes. The "back" of the cube is the same as the "front" square, but with a lower Z value to seal the cube with the correct depth. Two for loops create a grid of these cubes which demonstrate vanishing point and perspective lines. On mouseclick the entire grid rotates on X, Y, and Z axes at different speeds.

File: time01.zip

A simple clock using hours, minutes, and seconds to control the rotation of thin rectangle hands.