homework 5

audio analysis meets white square (200px x 200px)

in this homework, I want you to have the same basic rules:

a) start with a white square, 200px x 200px, centered on the screen  *
b) start with a blackbackground
c) draw nothing else on screen

note, to center on the screen, you can use 
ofRect(ofGetWidth()/2, ofGetHeight()/2, 200,200);
ofRect(ofGetWidth()/2 - 100, ofGetHeight()/2 - 100, 200,200);

then, based on sonic input, manipulate  the square (or the scene).  what happens to the  square is up to you, does it rotate?  does it change in color?  grow? bounce? explode??

think specifically about sonic qualities, like pitch, and frequency information, and think about “performing” your white square.

make 3 different examples using the variety of techniques of analysis we talked about, pitch detection, fft, and volume detection.

have fun!


also make a graphical score to a piece of music / sound for which traditional music notation isn’t necessary.  Think about what visual languages you can use to represent sound.   for inspiration, see:




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