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homework 4 (optional)

Published on September 24, 2010

this homework is optional, meaning, you can do it if you want and get some extra credit.  I strongly recommend you do these optional things, you will get more out of the class and it will challenge you.  Please also try to document your solutions by recording a movie – it’ll help your pages and also your classmates.

a) using the point recorder code, create multiple point recorders insted of just one.  Every time you draw, create another point recorder.  Create a clear function.  Can you use these multiple point recorders to create something interesting ?  shoot a short video.

b) right now the playback of the point recorder is just one point (at time t), can you create a second point (at time time-1.0, ie time minus one second, for example) as in Scott Snibbe’s motionsketch ?  It would be nice to use the total duration to figure out to space out multiple playbacks so they are equally divided.

c) in one example, point recorder is use to control the property of sound synthesis. can you use it to control some other properties of media, like playback position of a movie or opacity of some images?  Think about all of the parameters you can get from the playback unit and how you can use them.  Make some playful, creative system.

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