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homework 6

Published on October 6, 2010

a,b,c) Create 3 compositions using the vector field.  These can be interactive or static (meaning, the VF can change or not based on user input) based on input from the mouse, keyboard, or video / camera (as shows in the last example).  Think about drawing and using the particles in an interesting way  (not just circles, but how do draw images, use atan2, etc).   Play with the damping forces inside of the particles.  Make an interesting and unique field for the particles to move on.  Be sure to experiment with turning off the drawing of the field.   If you want to, think of  a “game” based on this.


this is pretty advanced, so no worries, just throwing it out there…

d) I promise this will look good and be interesting…  Convert the vector field into an image, using hsv color –  use the angle of the vector field for the hue (think angle = position on the color wheel), magnitude for brightness, and use full saturation.  Then convert hsv to  rgb info (some transformation routines are available here: here / here) and put that into a pixel array.  Then upload this pixel array into a texture and draw it.  You might need play a bit with the resolution of the vector field (you might need higher res to get a good texture image).    I promise that you will not be disappointed….

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