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homework 7

Published on October 16, 2010

for your homework, I’d like you to create 3 compositions with the particle particle interaction code.

for one at least, I’d like you combine the vector field and particle-particle interaction in an interesting way.  think, for example, about your particle particle interaction homeworks (or your vector field homeworks) and is there any one there that you’d like to improve?   Make something super interesting.  No circles!

for the others, try to model a natural phenomenon, such as smoke, water, waterfalls, puddles, etc. What interesting combinations of forces can you come up with?


all the particles now all repel or attract each other with the same radius. Can you make them have different radii, and still get attraction and repulsion working?   Can you visualize all the forces that are operating per frame?  ie, which particles are within range of each other.  Finally, can you make the particle particle interaction fast (see the second example from class)?

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