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homework 9 (springs!)

Published on November 15, 2010

a) Using one of the three techniques for fast particle particle interaction, please try to make an interesting interaction (not composition) out of them.  For example, we’ve seen how particle-particle interaction and vector fields can be used, also, we’ve seen how particle particle interaction can be combined with live or prerecorded video.  Make something organic and playful.  No particles as circles, please !!!

b) try using the spring system (springs and springs with internal forces, etc) and combine them with something else we’ve covered, like vector fields, attraction and repulsion, etc.  Can you make something really interesting combing springs and other forces?

c) Take a moment and play with soda constructor.

Save a good model and include a screenshot on your homework page.  there is info here:

d) now, with that inspiration (hopefully) use the spring example with muscles (ie, springs that have their rest length changing) to make a creature that does something interesting.

+ advanced +

e) can you make flocking (or interacting) spring based creatures?

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